During this unusual time of Covid 19, where it seems everyone is bunkered down for a period that is indefinite in length, I wanted to address how the Tarrant County Family Law Courts and Judges are interpreting the Extension of Spring Break Language.

The Courts have explicitly stated in unison that the schedule for spring break shall be determined under the original school calendar for the year. Therefore, if spring break ended on this Sunday before March 16, 2020 you should then immediately return to the original terms of your possession order.

There is a lot of confusion though as to whether if a parent keeps a child for longer than the spring break period and continues through the extension of spring break until the schools reopen if that is something the Courts can do anything about as far as punishment for the offending parent.

I can assure you that if you choose this path the ends will not justify the means and your actions will ultimately make you accountable before the courts.

Contact us immediately if you need anything in regards to this trying time of Covid 19. We are open and still fighting for our clients.


Griffin Miers

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