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If you have been charged with theft it is important to immediately contact the firm of Griffin Miers. Taking immediate steps to begin your defense can increase the options that you have. A conviction for theft can affect you and your career for years to come. Call Tarrant County Criminal Defense Attorneys Mitch Miers and Andrew Griffin to begin the process of your defense.

A theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude. Do you have a career in retail or the restaurant business? I encountered a young man who would not be considered for management because he had a theft on his record even though it was from over a decade in the past! Now is the time to stop these charges. Don’t let a theft ruin your future and career years down the line.

Writing bad checks can also result in theft of service charges being made against you. Sometimes it’s not even your fault. At other times, banks don’t follow the law in notifying you which can result in dismissal. The quicker you act the more options you may have at your disposal. Contact Criminal Defense and Probation Revocation Attorneys Mitch Miers and Andrew Griffin today.

Using a credit card can result in theft charges if your authorization has been revoked. You may have not had notice, but no one will listen to you. Criminal Defense Attorney Mitch Miers will talk to the prosecutors and make your side of the story known. Sometimes quick action can result in charges being dropped.

These types of cases can range from misdemeanor up to felony charges. If you are arrested, don’t delay. Criminal defense is not something to be handled pro se. An assault defense lawyer in Fort Worth has access you don’t have. Contact Griffin Miers and Criminal Defense Attorneys Mitch Miers and Andrew Griffin at (817) 585-8888 for a free consultation and begin your defense.